Luxology to merge with The Foundry

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Founders of Luxology and The Foundry ponder the future of their new venture in ILM’s gardens… or are they playing Star Wars charades?

Completely forgot to post this last week in the run up to yet another magazine deadline: Rendering and modelling master Luxology is to merge with London-based visual effects and compositing specialists The Foundry.

This will see the two organinsations work more closely together to build new solutions to market and develop the synergy between the two sets of existing tools.

While within the product development space, Luxology is known best for its Modo system for sub-D modelling and visuailsation tools as well as the work it’s done to create PhotoView 360 within SolidWorks, the company’s background has always been in the visual effects industry.

With The Foundry core specialism being in the same field, we asked CEO and co-founder Brad Peebler about how this merger would effect customers in the design world.
He commented that: “The net result should be more attention to the product design field from the Luxology crew. As we know, the traditional product or industrial designer is probably more familiar with 2D tools than 3D. I’ve often said, somewhat cheekily that the future of 3D is 2D and I mean it but I won’t say exactly what I mean just yet.

“However, The Foundry are masters of 2D processing and painting. Mixing their products, tech and knowledge with ours should yield some very interesting results for many markets. Shorter answer, this marriage means a flat out ‘More Luxology’. Almost as good as more cowbell.


I should note that when Brad talks about 2D he doesn’t mean *gulp* AutoCAD. He means, pens, paint, paper, sketching, photography and all that good stuff.

If you want to know more about what Brad thinks as his two world’s merge, then his talk from this year’s DEVELOP3D Live is worth a watch.

DEVELOP3D LIVE: Brad Peebler from DEVELOP3D on Vimeo.

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