Fashion design edging closer to 3D

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With Fashion Weeks around the globe drumming up much fanfare it’s nice to take a step back from the glitz and glamour of those perched on the catwalk front row, and think about the designers.

The industry is devoutly 2D – especially the haute couture of the most desirable labels, being more art than garment – so steps into designing through 3D tools has been a slow one. Last December Dassault Systèmes launched its Fashion Lab, and the engineering software company had previously been working tirelessly with mass consumer brands such as Under Armor in introducing 3D into apparel design.

This year sees a more unlikely source of 3D design influence coming from the games industry, with Marvellous Designer 2.

From what we can tell from the limited information that has accompanied its UK launch by resellers bluegfx, it is a straightforward games character dresser that can be used with most professional rendering programmes to give incredibly lifelike and detailed movement. It seems similar to a few other niche products, however, from its list of ongoing developments, there is nothing to stop it from being a tool to quickly take 2D designs quickly into a realistically assessable 3D model.

We’re contacting them for more information, so till then get practising your air-kisses and champagne quaffing.


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