Luxology Announces New Studio Environment Set 2 Kit

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Luxology is rocking it like they mean it this year and the team has just announced the Studio Environment Set 2 (SES 2) Kit.

This is a new collection of high dynamic range (HDR) spherical images complete with ground planes that make it easy for users to obtain professional-quality studio lighting. A successor to the highly acclaimed SES 1 Kit, the extensive library of images was produced exclusively for Luxology by Yazan Malkosh of 9b studios and is designed for use with Luxology modo 501, Bentley Systems’ MicroStation and SolidWorks Premium and Professional 2011. Architects, artists, industrial designers, engineers, packaging specialists and CAD visualization professionals will benefit from the ability to choose prebuilt SES 2 studio and interior lighting setups without having to create custom lighting setups for each project. SES 2 is particularly well suited for professionals who need to visualize small to medium-sized subjects.

With SES 2, I spend a lot less time agonizing over my lighting setups. The ability to render an animation and see all 50 environments with zero setup time takes all of the guess work out of studio lighting,” said Branden Coker, Creative Multimedia Specialist at Analytical Graphics Inc. “The variety of environments in this set is stellar. It makes studio lighting so easy, it’s almost an afterthought.” The SES 2 Kit is available immediately for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems for a suggested retail price of USD $69. To learn more about SES 2 visit Luxology’s website.