LG Launch Waffle phone – designed using Tribrid Modelling

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The LG SV770 Waffle. Not to be confused with real waffles. Or indeed, strawberries. Word to the wise. Don’t leave your phone in your dinner.

Korean manufacturing giant LG Electronics has recently introduced its first mobile phone designed with Delcam’s Tribrid Modelling technology which is built into many of its products, including PowerShape, ArtCAM and CopyCAD to name but a few.

LG’s new Waffle phone (which engadget seem less than enamoured with because it’s just a phone) features a surface texture created in the ArtCAM, wrapped around the body of a phone design produced with PowerShape. It is expected to be the first of a number of new models that will use the Delcam software to create the distinctive designs needed to build market share in the highly competitive and fashion-conscious mobile phone market.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Tribrid Modelling is Delcam’s patented approach to design that adds triangle modelling to the solid and surface modelling options available in hybrid modelling systems. and it gives the ability to add triangle files of logos, branding, textures or other 3D decorations onto the surfaces of CAD models.

Staff from Delcam’s Korean joint venture, Hankook Delcam, had their first contact with LG in August of last year. An initial presentation on the potential for Tribrid Modelling was followed by a longer meeting with a large group of designers from the company. Subsequently, Hankook Delcam produced a series of rapid prototype models to further demonstrate how the unique Delcam technology could produce sophisticated designs quickly and easily. The presentations were so impressive that LG decided to purchase the Delcam software in the following month.

According to the release, “This was both pleasing and surprising for Hankook Delcam as most potential customers in Korea insist on a comprehensive evaluation period before making any purchasing decisions. Apart from the design capabilities of the Delcam software, the staff at LG were impressed with the full range of Delcam programs that could cover the whole design and manufacturing process for the phone cases. In particular, they were pleased to see how quickly the software could generate machining data for tooling once the product designs were completed.”


We recently took a look at Delcam’s CopyCAD Pro which is in the latest issue of DEVELOP3D and a couple of months ago, a look at PowerShape 2010.

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