Ledas announces platform for building Cloud CAD apps

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Ledas has unveiled its new cloud platform for 3D modelling which can act as a basis for developing various cloud CAD/PLM and AEC/BIM applications.

According to Ledas, the platform combines many typical engineering functions like visualisation and authoring 3D models with cloud abilities of dispatching user requests and data storage.

While all computations with a 3D model are made on cloud servers, users have access to a representation of the 3D model and can navigate and operate it in web browser-based application by means of WebGL and Typescript/Javascript.
The protocols and routines behind the Ledas Cloud Platform (LCP) will aim to provide instant manipulation with models during real-time collaboration, with scalability that should prove suitable for large companies.

“In recent years we have seen a fast-growing demand across many our customers for creating cloud-hosted 3D CAD/BIM applications,” says Ledas COO Nikolay Snytnikov.

“We have already developed a number of such applications from scratch and accumulated profound expertise in resource-demanding client-server applications. It makes sense for us to generalise the store of experience in a stack of 3D and Web technologies, and offer a licensable cloud platform that can be used for custom development by our customers’ in-house software engineers, or outsourced to the highly professional LEDAS team.”

LCP is currently targeting companies that want their own cloud-based 3D modelling software to be installed in a private or public cloud but prefer to avoid licensing and technological restrictions of the existing cloud CAD.


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