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EOS launches Smart Fusion software for faster LPBF metal 3D printing

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EOS has announced its new Smart Fusion software technology for laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) metal 3D printing that should automatically adjust laser power in real time.

The technology should eliminate the need for most support structures, minimise material use, reduce post-processing requirements, and lower the cost-per-part (CPP) for metal AM applications.

Smart Fusion was designed to intuitively detect potential build problems, auto-adjust the laser power, and eliminate wasted time and resources typically associated with “trial and error” additive manufacturing. EOS claimed that, unlike current technologies, Smart Fusion’s real-time capabilities are achieved without adding significant build-time.

EOS said that Beta customers have found that the Smart Fusion solution offers a performance that is two to five times faster than the leading competitors in the metal AM market.

Smart Fusion functions by measuring the amount of laser power which is absorbed by the powder bed. A special high-resolution camera overlooking the build chamber monitors each layer’s melt pool emissions via proprietary technology and data is fed back to the laser where it is adjusted.

This should result in homogeneous energy distribution across the whole build platform thereby reducing stress in the parts and avoiding metal overheating and movement in undesired directions.

Smart Fusion pairs with EOS’ existing monitoring solutions and employs advanced algorithms to monitor the build layer-by-layer providing for more homogeneous, consistent parts.


From a dataflow perspective, Eosprint prepares the data which is sent to the 3D printer, Smart Fusion then works with Eostate and its optical tomography camera to monitor, measure, and adjust the lasers via Eosystem.

“Smart Fusion is another important breakthrough for metal AM, especially for those organizations with highly engineered applications, such as energy, space tech, mobility, and aerospace,” said EOS product line manager Mirco Schöpf.

“Other solutions in the market have significant drawbacks such as slower build times, and a need for an expert to make sure it works. Smart Fusion offers an industrialized solution that is faster, flexible, and more accessible.”

Smart Fusion lists for £23,800 with EOS M 290, and €33,500 with EOS M 300-4 and EOS M 400-4. The solution requires the Smart Monitoring System package and is available now for Inconel IN718 HiPro 40/80 µm and Titanium Ti64 60 µm on EOS M290, Inconel IN718 on EOS M 300-4 and Inconel IN718 HiPro 40/80µm, Titanium Ti64 60 µm and Aluminium AISi10Mg 40/80µm on EOS M400-4.

EOS said it will become available on additional materials and systems in late 2023. Additionally, EOS intends to soon expand Smart Fusion availability to include AMCM systems.

“The beauty of Smart Fusion is that it is incredibly flexible, easy to use, and will work with the majority of customer applications out-of-the-box,” added Schöpf.

“We challenged our team to mitigate one of Metal AM’s significant challenges with a unique software solution and we could not be prouder of the results.”

Smart Fusion will be showcased at RAPID 2023 in Chicago, Illinois May 2-4 at booth number 4612.

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