HP doubles the performance of its PCIe-based HP Z Turbo Drive

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HP has delivered its second generation PCIe Solid State Drive (SSD).

The new HP Z Turbo Drive G2, powered by Samsung NVMe technology, is said to deliver four times traditional SATA SSD performance at a cost that’s remarkably similar.

The HP Z Turbo Drive G2 utilises the new NVMe protocol, designed from the ground up for flash technology, to achieve more than twice the performance of its G1 predecessor, says HP.
The second-generation drive is said to attain ultra-fast I/O response to process large data sets.

4K video editing is often cited as a major beneficiary of PCIe SSDs. For product development, however, it is likely to be best suited to design visualisation, large scale simulation and point cloud processing, as opposed to pure CAD.

The HP Z Turbo Drive G2 is available in 256GB and 512GB capacities. It offers read speeds up to 2,510 MB/s (both 256GB and 512GB models) and write speeds up to 1,260 MB/s (256GB model) and 1,550 MB/s (512GB model).

The HP Z840, Z640 and Z440 desktop workstations can be expanded by integrating the HP Z Turbo Drive G2 with high capacity SATA HDDs and SSDs.


The 256GBHP Z Turbo Drive G2 starts at $319 and the 512GB HP Z Turbo Drive G2 starts at $559.

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