GKN launches Additive division as ‘signal of intent’ + Partners with GE Additive

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Global aerospace and automotive engineering group GKN has pulled its global 3D printing activity together into one new brand: GKN Additive.

The company has produced 3D printed aerospace components that are certified and flying on 7 major platforms today, and parts driving in today’s cars, as well as being a specialist powder producer through its Powder Metallurgy division.

Operating from ‘global centres of excellence’ in four countries – likely to include its facility in Filton UK, which specialises in powder bed processes – GKN Additive will act as the focal point for all this activity in the future.
“There is a tangible feeling that manufacturing is suddenly a very exciting place to be for the brightest and best engineering talent,” said GKN head of strategy Jos Sclater. “That is great for the future of the industry and I am delighted that GKN Additive will be at the forefront of this revolution.”

He continued: “By bringing our AM expertise together in GKN Additive, we are not only able to continue supporting existing customers in our core aerospace and automotive markets, but also to explore entirely new AM markets too. It is an exciting step for GKN and a statement of our AM intent.”

GKN Hoeganaes, part of the company’s Powder Metullargy division, earlier this year agreed to to enter into a joint venture agreement with TLS Technik to manufacture titanium powders in North America for additive manufacturing applications.



GKN and GE Additive sign ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ for additive manufacturing collaboration

One day on and GKN are really not holding back, signing one of those oddly named business deals – in this case a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – with GE Additive.

Having recently thrown $1.4B into acquiring Concept Laser and Arcam AB, under this agreement, GKN becomes a GE Additive development and production centre as well as a preferred powder supplier, while GE and its affiliated companies will supply additive machines and services to GKN.

GKN head of strategy Jos Sclater, said: “We look forward to collaborating with GE Additive on this revolutionary technology. GKN has a strong history of producing and certifying AM parts and powder, and this distinctive dual expertise enables us to create competitive solutions for our customers.

“By working together, GKN and GE can accelerate future developments in additive manufacturing and meet the growing demand we’re seeing across a range of industries.”

Agreement activities include:
– GKN will become a GE Additive development and production partner for a range of powder bed and free form deposition technologies.
– GE Additive and its affiliated companies will become non-exclusive preferred suppliers of AM machines to GKN and its affiliates.
– GKN will collaborate with GE Additive on part development projects on powder bed machines to enable new market opportunities.
– GKN will become a non-exclusive preferred supplier of powder to GE Additive and GE’s industrial businesses.
– GE Additive’s Engineering Consulting Team (known as AddWorks) will assist GKN and its affiliates with the acceleration and industrialisation of AM machines.

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