Formlabs updates Durable resin

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Formlabs’ Durable Resin has been updated – perfect for prototyping those tricky polyprop parts

Hot on the heels of the Ceramic resin launched at CES, Formlabs have added another new resin to it’s family of engineered polymers for its desktop SLA machines.

The new Durable resin is intended to be used to simulate the mechanical properties of polypropylene and with the Formlab’s resolution and ability to build thin walled structures that many desktop machines struggle with.

While the Durable resin has been around for a little while, this new formulation gives you improved mechanical properties, but just as importantly, removes the yellow tint, giving you a much more transparent prototype, more in line with what you’d expect from end result parts (particularly for the structural packaging design folks out there).
If you’re already running a Form 2, the resin is available now, but you’ll also need to update your PreForm software as well.


Nice to see Formlabs pushing out new materials with pretty solid consistency. This, alongside the flexible, the high-temperature and tough material, as well as exploring other processes (with Ceramics and castable), shows that the company is looking to expand the reach of it’s hardware. Tidy! If you missed our look at the Form2, then it’s here.

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