Food trucks leading the way for future automotive customisation ideas

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The new old – the Type H-Reinvention and its Bertoni-designed inspiration

From San Francisco to Stirling, the shape of the Citroen H-Van is now synonymous with food trucks – part rustic fromage fettler, part wild pheasant and squid tacos with a pineapple jus…

Yet the original vans, designed by styling maestro Flaminio Bertoni, are mostly rumbling on from their heyday well over 50 years ago.

Step in the Type H-Reinvention – a fibreglass body kit that can be built onto the chassis of a modern Citroën Jumper van.

The slightly dull, yet very economical Citroen Jumper van next to one dressed in its H-Van bodykit


The design is limited to a run of 70 kits, but given the automotive industry is slowly building up steam towards increased vehicle customisation, enterprise vehicles such as this are likely to be the first to evolve personalised quirks (much like Honda’s recent concept).

The tooling for fibreglass parts is likely forcing the initial limit to the production scale, but given the pace with which digital manufacturing processes are evolving to increase the size of its output (making a refined version of the Stratasys’ Infinite Build concept machine an exciting prospect) then custom, on-demand tooling – perhaps even end-use parts – should make projects like this much more common.

The change is performed using a simple fibreglass bodykit

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