Feature recognition algorithm at heart of new Polygonica release

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New feature recognition is claimed to regenerate original surface information

The upcoming release of Polygonica from MachineWorks will include functionality for automatic feature recognition on polygonal solids.

With many CAD models in use having lost their original surface data when the CAD output is tessellated into a mesh, the problem is that many processes subsequent to mesh conversion require the surface data that has been lost.

Polygonica has introduced the new functionality, claiming it capable of regenerating the original surface information from just the triangulated data.
Polygonica states that the feature detection algorithm takes in the mesh information and returns automatically the surface parameterisation of the feature, as well as surface area, bounding box, and error values.

Geometric features detected include planes, spheres, cones, cylinder and torii. Boundaries around features can also be determined and queried, allowing the application to tell which features are adjacent to other features.

Polygonica sales manager David Knight, said: “The results speak for themselves. For polygonal meshes originally derived from CAD models, Polygonica feature detection is able to quickly and accurately determine a set of geometric features. This could provide a crucial first step in many tasks such as reverse engineering, remeshing and automation.”