EpiGrid uses multi user AMD FirePro GPUs to stream SolidWorks and other CAD tools from the cloud

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EpiGrid can stream SolidWorks and other 3D CAD applications to thin clients

EpiGrid is using AMD’s multi-user FirePro GPUs in a private cloud VDI solution that can stream 3D CAD applications to remote thin clients. The EpiGrid VDI can also integrate with on-premise servers to create a hybrid cloud implementation.

EpiGrid offers managed application services for a number of CAD tools including SolidWorks CAD, SolidWorks PDM, Pro/Engineer, and Driveworks.

“It is essential to our VDIs provide fast and consistent GPU performance; that is comparable or better than an on-premise workstation,” said Chad Garrish, Chief Technology Officer, EpiGrid.
“The AMD FirePro S7150 x2 Server GPU can support up to 32 users per GPU depending on workload, providing users with predictable desktop-like performance and features in a virtualised environment, while giving IT Managers outstanding performance for their dollar.”

The company claims to be the only Certified SolidWorks Solution Partner offering cloud and virtualised environments that is also listed as a Certified SolidWorks Service Partner, as Garrish explains: “This is a significant differentiator as we are capable of supporting an end to end SolidWorks cloud environment.

“We help our customers rethink their strategies for CAD environments, true design collaboration and cloud deployment. Companies from all avenues of the SolidWorks community understand the value EpiGrid can offer as a partner.”


Cloud hosting is provided by EpiGrid partner Lume, which has data centres in seven locations worldwide.

EpiGrid’s VDI solution uses the AMD Multi User FirePro S7150 x 2 GPU which can support up to 32 useers

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