Engineering sector ‘most expensive to work in’ for personal expenses

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Is the cost of your morning coffee adding up to a big chunk of your wages?

A new survey has revealed that engineers spend the most out of their own pocket on work-related expenses each year – around £4,500 each year on things including lunch, commuting and stationary.

The survey of 1,000 workers, commissioned by CV-Library, sought to discover just how much the average professional spends on work-related expenses each year and where their money is going.

Engineering professionals were asked to reveal the work-related costs they pay out each month. Unsurprisingly, commuting/travel topped the list (85.3%), followed by lunch (80.9%), clothes/uniform (45.1%), morning coffee (33.8%) and workplace snacks/drinks (23.9%). Interestingly, 62% of workers believe that employers should pay for some, if not all, of these work-related costs.
The data found that while the majority (72.9 per cent) of engineering professionals are careful to factor these expenses into their monthly budget, the sector was the most expensive to work in

“If your current role is costing you a large chunk of your wages, it could be time to look for a better opportunity offering more pay, money-saving schemes or that is located closer to home,” advised Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library.

1 – Engineering – £380 a month (equivalent to £4,560 a year)
2 – Marketing – £349 a month (equivalent to £4,188 a year)
3 – Accounting – £345 a month (equivalent to £4,140 a year)
4 – Hospitality – £320 a month (equivalent to £3,840 a year)
5 – Education – £215 a month (equivalent to £2,580 a year)


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