Dyson get us talking, but about what?

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You might have spotted this video already; a whirr of robotic machinery and lasers producing what is purported to be the latest Dyson product. But what’s it going to be?

Dyson has a reputation as a British success story: a direct descendent of the heroes of British industry, building faultless machines of unerring quality. Yet to be frank, they make things that suck and things that blow, and nobody, NOBODY, is allowed to mention the ill-fated washing machine.

So far guesses we’ve spotted include an electric bicycle, a blender and a toaster, but after a little hunting around we’ve found that the three new products, to be launched in Sydney Australia on 19 February, will be commercial products utilising a new ‘digital motor’.

The Australian press invite for Dyson’s latest launch [via current.com.au]

What do you think it will be? Do you care? Is this the case of another pioneering design, or simply marketing hype building up?


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