The ultimate driving simulator for Christmas?

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For anyone looking to pick up an accurate driving game simulator as part of their festive wishlist, this might be the closest you can get to the real thing.

3D visualisation specialist RTT has developed its DeltaGen Real Drive design and engineering solution for virtual driving simulation to market in cooperation with driving dynamics specialists, IPG Automotive.

According to RTT, this is the first time virtual 3D simulation has been successfully combined with physically correct dynamic data from vehicles and traffic to create a joint exchange platform for designers, constructors and design engineers.

Developed initially for its client BMW, RTT created the BMW Fahrerlebnisplatz (BMW driving experience track) that connects the detailed driving dynamics model with a 3D replica of the manufacturer´s existing test course in realtime that creates a familiar driving terrain for the BMW drivers.

Vehicles can pose potential construction-related accident risks, which are unexpectedly presented in different driving situations. Due to these potential risks, BMW virtually tests the entire system early in the design stage to prevent incorrect decisions in the product development phase. The increasing testing complexity demanded for a complete solution, which connects visual and functional analyses in a single 3D simulator.


DeltaGen Real Drive supports engineers in efficient decision-making for the vehicle’s safety and driving experience in combination with interior control panels.

The solution is based on five components: 3D high-end visualisation from RTT DeltaGen, a large projection screen, a driver’s seat, a tracking system and an external interface to IPG’s driving dynamics simulator CarMaker. Within this system, the networked components can be integrated and operated as either software or hardware.

In this solution, the digitalised vehicle and the simulated environment are projected simultaneously onto a 5 ½ sided Cave in realtime. With the help of a “seat box”, consisting of a physical driver´s seat, steering wheel and pedals, the driver is taken right into the virtual scene and steers the vehicle under virtually realistic conditions.

The tracking function of the 3D glasses illustrate the driver’s position and perspective that are mirrored in the projection to analyse the field of vision.

Vehicle movements, such as rolling, pitching or bouncing through accelerating or driving around corners, are created via the interface with CarMaker.

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