Drinks can app shows fun use for light design tools

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Fancy a drink? CanCreator is part of a new sub sector of lightweight design tools in app form

Packaging design can be fraught with difficulties when transferring what is essentially a 2D label to a 3D drinks can, usually requiring professional software to be wheeled out.

To make this transition as speedy as possible, CanCreator has been built: a free online drinks can design app aimed at making it easy for designers to visualise and share creations in 3D.

Unveiled by the UK Can Makers, the trade body representing drinks can manufacturers in the UK, artwork can be taken from Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files and slapped onto a drinks vessel of your choice and viewed in 3D.

A simple interface means speedy visuals and the ability to share ideas fast


Whether complete or a work in progress, designers can save creations locally or to a secure online database to share or continue at a later date. Additional functions include screenshots to make sharing easy, whether within a presentation or via email.

It’s a quick, light way of mixing up the mediums of 2D graphics with a 3D entity (with some less than subtle promotion of the UK can-making industry, but hell, there’s an App for that…), and points to an interesting subsection of design tools that are fun rather than deep in function.

“Packaging plays such a vital role in making products stand out on shelf, and drinks cans offer so many possibilities,” said Geoff Courtney, chairman of the UK Can Makers between gulps of Irn Bru.

“We wanted to make exploring and showcasing drinks can designs easy, so we worked closely with designers to create an app that would let them see for themselves without any hassle. Initial feedback has been very positive and we hope everyone finds it a useful tool for creating impactful drinks can designs.”

Crack open a cold one and have a go yourself. The app can be downloaded free here.

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