CircuitWorks gets sold to SolidWorks

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OK, we’re working on a bit of a catch up here, so what’s been going on over the last few months. One of the stories that I loved over the past three months is the acquisition of CircuitWorks. Not only does it mean that SolidWorks gets control of an application that provides some pretty essential technology and tools for people that work with electronics and PCBs as a part of their mechanical or industrial design, but it also means that the two guys from Priware get the recognition they’ve deserved for a while. Nice job gents.. Sadly it does mean no more trips to Bristol or Much Wenlock (also the home of the modern olympics) or afternoons spent in the pub. Of course, CircuitWorks Lite has been part of SolidWorks for sometime but, according to the press release, CircuitWorks as a full product will now become immediately available as a component of SolidWorks Office Premium. It will be provided to existing Premium customers at no additional charge.

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