Design extends disposable battery lifetime by 800%

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Batteriser’s housing allows the circuitry to fit snugly to its form, letting it fit standard housings

The Batteriser is a new product designed to boost battery voltage to 1.5 volts, maintaining the voltage at at this point, which means a standard disposable battery could last 800 per cent longer.

The technology has existed for some time, but the technology has been too bulky for it to fit closely around the battery to let it fit standard housings – until now.

Batteriser is a stainless steel sleeve less than 0.1 mm thick, which allows the life boosting benefits of the circuitry within to breathe fresh life into AA’s, while saving landfill from the estimated 98 per cent of batteries that are not recycled properly.

By maintaining voltage, the Batteriser can use nearly all the power contained within a standard disposable


Some early compatibility testing shows the casing will slide or slot easily into with a wide variety of products, including TV remotes, toys, and games controllers, while early adopters will be able to get their hands on the product later this month with a planned Indiegogo campaign.

For further info on the Batteriser story check out this article from PC World.

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