Dell launches free workstation ‘Performance Optimizer’ tool

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Dell is looking to add more value to its Dell Precision workstation family by including a dedicated performance optimising tool in all of its machines.

The Dell Precision Performance Optimizer is designed to simplify, automate and optimise Dell Precision workstation settings to maximize application performance.

DPPO is preloaded with profiles for PTC Creo, SolidWorks and Autodesk Maya. The software automatically adjusts system configurations such as CPU, memory, storage, graphics and operating system settings whenever a supported application is launched.

Dell says users can experience up to 57 percent increase in application performance with DPPO. This is an incredible leap, but probably not indicative of typical performance improvements. It is most likely the result of a graphics driver update where AMD or Nvidia managed to boost the performance of a single CAD application.

Other apps are coming soon says Dell, and this looks likely to be Catia, AutoCAD and 3ds Max. All three can be clearly seen in the video above.


The software can be used to track and report on system utilisation, to help users get a better idea of bottlenecks in CPU, memory, graphics and storage. It can also schedule system updates – drivers, software updates, bios, etc.

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