Dassault Systèmes offers education platform via the cloud

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An incredible range of tools for education are now available via the 3DExperience on the cloud

How do you negate the fear of the cloud among designers and engineers? Start ’em young: Dassault Systèmes (DS) is offering its 3DExperience platform for Academia on the cloud.

“The academic field now has simplified and secured access to Dassault Systèmes’ product design, digital manufacturing, realistic simulation and collaborative innovation applications on the cloud that have transformed industrial processes worldwide,” rattles the press release.

This is great news for those needing to access a wide range of academic tools – be they teachers or students – giving easy deployment and maintenance, secured data access anytime, anywhere on a student’s or an institution’s own devices, and eliminating the need for complex IT infrastructure.

With the web-based user interface, teachers can easily set up classes from afar and massive open online courses


Yet it also serves the purpose of getting the next generation of users used to working with their software tools on the cloud, and reaping the benefits in marketing department friendly soundbites:

“Getting the 3DExperience for Academia on the cloud up and running took just under an hour,” said Michel Michaud, instructor, École nationale d’aérotechnique in Canada, one of the first to use this cloud offering through a preliminary testing program.

Whether this fills you with dread (an entire generation used with cloud-based workflows, only to turn up in a seriously cloud-unfriendly workplace) or excitement (a more egalitarian distribution of tools to lesser funded schools, and easier co-working between research universities) it is happening.

For more information on how your education department can get involved, click here.

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