Crystallon open source project helps create lattice structures in Rhino and Grasshopper

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An open source lattice generation tool, Crystallon, has been developed for Rhino CAD software without the need to export to an third-party software, and has been made available for free through Github.

Each tool is a cluster which can be opened and modified by the user in the spirit of open source, where by the developer, former Autodesk Artist In Residence and now researcher and industrial designer at Fathom, Aaron Porterfield.

With users wanting to use lattices for varying applications and having different needs from the structures, the open source nature of Crystallon should hopefully present enough feedback and improvements from users with unique case studies.

“If you are designing a part that is meant to be 3D printed, you should consider anything that could be possible,” said Porterfield on a Fathom blog.

“We like to say that with additive technologies, complexity is free, which means the process is most likely not limited or sometimes even affected by the intricacies of the design. Without those traditional limitations we’re used to designing around, almost anything is possible.


“Lattice structures are interesting because there is almost an infinite amount of application types that would benefit from it.”

To download and learn more about the Crystallon project, click here.

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