CL3VER interactive 3D presentation tool to include real-time lightmap technology

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CL3VER, the cloud based platform for interactive 3D presentations, is to include a new WebGL GPU-based real-time lightmap technology in the upcoming 3.0 release.

The technology is claimed to drastically reduce rendering times from several hours to just minutes.

CL3VER can be used to create “Interactive 3D Product Experiences” for manufacturing, automotive, consumer products and industrial equipment – from engineering to marketing to sales.
These include 3D product manuals, 3D product catalogues and a configurator for customers.

3D assets can be viewed in a web browser without a plug-in, on desktop, laptop or tablet. Presentations can be shared with a simple URL. Scenes can also be viewed offline, downloaded as a .html file and opened with any WebGL-capable browser.

An iOS apps for iPad and iPhone also supports interactive 3D presentations without an Internet connection.

CL3VER plug-ins are available for SolidWorks, Rhino, Maya, 3ds Max and other applications.


Models are brought into the CL3VER editor, a cloud-based editing tool that runs in a web browser, where users can create a scene, add materials, lights, cameras, images, videos, animations, infographics and interactivity.

In addition to the new lightmap technology, other new features include an improved UI designed to make the process of creating a scene and including animation and interactivity more intuitive.

A new sharing system will also enable project owners to quickly invite users to view, edit and collaborate on projects in a secure environment.

Check out some of the sample models. More here

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