Chaos Group VRscans offers incredible hi-def scanning technology for reproducing materials

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VRscans will take advantage of Chaos Group’s patented high definition materials scanning technology

Chaos Group has announced its latest hardware and full-service set-up to 3D scan and render real-world materials, hoping it will remove the need for artists to spend hours modelling materials.

VRscans will take advantage of its patented new high definition scanning technology, that is claimed to produce an exact digital replica of a physical material with sub-millimetre precision,

With VRscans, companies will be able to send in their material samples, trusting that what comes back will be the most accurate representation of a digital material.

A red leather swatch – photograph on top, VRscan on the bottom


Once processed, the materials are returned with a .vrscan file that arrives ready to render into Chaos Group’s V-Ray photorealistic lighting and rendering software.

“We’ve dedicated the last 19 years to advancing rendering technology, so designers can trust what they see on their screen. Now they can match the material sample in their hand with the one in their 3D model,” said Chaos Group CEO Peter Mitev.

VRscans combines precise optical hardware with proprietary software; the result of several years of research and prototyping capturing a material sample’s full appearance, including surface texture, reflectivity, dimensionality, and its unique response to light.

This complex data is read by a new VRscans plugin, creating a physically accurate material that can be rendered from any angle and in any lighting condition.

Another side-by-side test: photograph top, VRscan on the bottom

“Several pilot projects are already underway with top automotive, aerospace, and furniture companies,” said Dinko Dimitrov, VRscans product manager. “Digital prototypes are the best way to design quickly. Now designers can do it with confidence.”

VRscans is available now and is compatible with the latest versions of V-Ray for 3ds Max and Maya. Support for additional applications is in development.

Chaos Group will be explaining more about the technology at DEVELOP3D LIVE on 31 March, register here to find out more, or {encode=”” title=”contact Chaos Group here”} for more information.

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