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CAD Schroer releases i4 Virtual Review v2.0

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CAD Schroer’s VR viewer – i4 Virtual Review – has been adapted for large CAD models in virtual reality and to better enable team sessions.

i4 Virtual Review v2.0 now provides an overview map that can be enabled as and when required when using large CAD models.

The map presents the user with a live plan view of the entire VR scene, and also shows the user’s current position.

If the user wishes to move to another location, they can simply teleport to it with just one click on the map. With this new functionality the user always knows their position, even in the largest projects.

Version 2.0 now enables users to hide or move individual components, and save or restore scenes.

For project or part inspection in VR, the CAD design can be realistically reviewed in VR and assessed for further design optimisation.

To support this task the VR viewer already provides transformation and mark-up tools, but with version 2.0, cutting planes are added which can be freely placed in the scene, including through a 3D model.

Similar to a sectional view in a 2D drawing, a cutting plane serves to provide an unobstructed view of hidden detail in VR, and thus provides the user with a clear view of the inner workings of a model.


CAD Schroer has increased its import interfaces with i4 Virtual Review, so that even large and complex models can be used effectively in VR.

For example, users can automatically import and compress large STEP files for use in virtual reality without sacrificing performance.

The user no longer has to spend time converting each model individually, and is instead provided with a solution where all steps are processed simultaneously and automatically.

DEVELOP3D readers can request a free trial of i4 Virtual Review here.

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