Autonomy, Sensors and Simulation in focus at ADMoSens event

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If you’re interested in the world of sensors, analysis and autonomy, then an event next month looks like it should be right up your straße.

ADMoSens (that’s Autonomous Driver, Modelling, Sensors) is to be held in Paris by the fine folks at Optis (now part of the Ansys empire).

The goal is to bring together technical experts of the automotive industry from the major OEMs and suppliers, as well as ‘the best simulation and integrators suppliers and the scientist experts’ involved in that domain.
For this first event, the aim is to create a community focussed on working methods, challenges and problems in a user-friendly environment.

The event is part of a research and development phase highlighting innovation. With the rise of interest in autonomous vehicles, they require more and more sensors and because automakers need to test their vehicles over hundreds of millions of kilometres, simulation tools and methodologies become indispensable.


However, virtual testing can only be used if they accurately reflect reality, when they are based on physics.

It’s also worth noting that Optis has sponsored the event, so it’s free to attend.

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