AMT expands 3D printing post processing range with new models

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AMT is launching two new post processing system for additive manufactured parts that utilise its ‘physio-chemical performance’ technology, BLASTTM, for thermoplastic polymers.

The PostPro3DColor and the PostPro3DMini feature the company’s proprietary Boundary Layer Automated Smoothing Technology (BLASTTM) for mass production applications ranging from aerospace to footwear.

AMT suggests that the process is ‘highly controllable’, allowing “reproducible results with no degradation of the mechanical properties of parts”, while its testing has even demonstrated an increase in Elongation at Break (EAB) due to the reduction of crack initiation sites on the polymer surface due to the removal of surface porosity.
Parts processed in the PostPro3d machine claim to exhibit no more than 0.4% dimensional change irrespective of desired surface finish, with typical processing times for the PostPro3D is 90 – 120 minutes, and parts are ready to use when removed from the machine, requiring no further post-processing steps.

AMT CEO Joseph Crabtree, said: “Our BLASTTM process seals the surface of the parts being processed removing porosity and thus sealing them against liquid or gas ingress.

“In addition, parts processed in the PostPro3D® machines do not show a cytotoxic effect in accordance with ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-1, and ISO 10993-12 which means they can be certified for medical use.”


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