Alstom gets future train designs onboard with Immersion VR Room

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Alstom’s latest VR Room can accommodate 23 people for design reviews

In the fast moving world of transport, train designers Alstom Transport has sped up its digital mock-up reviews by using an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Room.

French VR specialists Immersion created the immersive room – which is dominated by the 6 metre long, 2.5 metre high image wall, where 23 of the design and engineering team, in terraced seating, can view Catia models in 3D.

The user is tracked to ensure that they are fully immersed in a 3D environment, letting them ‘walk’ through carriages, inspect part signs in 1:1 scale, or customers visualise their future train and choose the colours, interiors and options to be applied.

Designers and engineers can walk around inside 1:1 scale Catia models


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