GoBoat’s eco design takes to summer waters from Copenhagen to Stockholm

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Taking to the canals and rivers that make up much of Copenhagen, GoBoat has been set up to provide an environmentally friendly way of touring urban waterways.

Carl Kai Rand, the architect and one of the three entrepreneurs behind GoBoat, ensured that sustainability informed the design and choice of materials for the boats.

They are made of recycled plastic and the engines are powered by solar batteries, which are charged by the solar cells at the rental terminals, and the beautiful wood from Kebony, which adorns both the boats themselves and the terminals at which they are moored.

Behind the project stands GoBoat contractors Kasper Eich-Romme, Anders Mørck and Carl Kai Rand, an architect who studied boat design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

The trio are passionate about maritime culture and are keen to spread and strengthen its position as a leisure activity even in urban settings, such as this, leaving the smallest possible footprint on the environment.


Kasper Eich-Romme, said: “Our dream has been to develop an environmentally sustainable and socially alternative to gasoline-powered small boats and large sightseeing boats. You should be able to get around the harbour and explore all its outlets and coves without the noise and emissions from a rumbling engine.


“We have developed a solution where the only sound you hear during the boat trip is the water lapping, powered by the sun and using sustainable products such as Kebony wood.

“The boating community has a respectful behaviour code, which covers everything from give way to the greeting duty at sea. There are values that we want to preserve in our project.”

Following a successful first year in Copenhagen, a new GoBoat fleet has been set up in Stockholm, giving locals and tourists the opportunity to independently explore the capital’s port area, from the comfort of environmentally friendly and silent solar-powered boats.

The boats are intended for charter by groups of friends and families; the Danish-designed vessels have seating for eight people around a central table.

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