3D Systems’ Gentle Giant Studios launches mobile ‘Juggernaut’ scanning studios

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Gentle Giant Studios offer photogrammetry services for some of the biggest names in Hollywood

Gentle Giant Studios has launched two state-of-the-art mobile 3D scanning studios – Juggernaut I and Juggernaut II – that eliminate the need to transport and set up equipment, saving companies time and money without sacrificing quality.

The 3D Systems subsidiary with over 20 years experience of providing photogrammetry services to the VFX and other media and entertainment industries, with the new equipment set to 3D capture and digitise everything from actors and the faintest facial expressions, to props, costumes, to vehicles.

The traditional photogrammetry workflow, setting up the equipment and a temporary sound stage takes over two days, while the Juggernaut system only takes two hours to place and level.
Each Juggernaut unit incorporates its own combination of lenses and cameras as well as a clever Broncolor lighting solution; one mobile studio is kitted out with the highest end Canon Cameras and the other with the equivalent Nikon Cameras.

The mobile scanning units each include 150 to 200 cameras which yield raw body scans as dense as 100,000,000+ polygons – essential for Facial Action Coding System (FACS) sessions that capture individual facial expressions in VFX.

Juggernaut is also equipped with a proprietary Gentle Giant Studios camera and light triggering system that captures simultaneous cross-polarized and specular textures providing nearly 100% photorealism.


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