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Nexar rolls out Octopart CAD database  

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Nexar has announced the launch of Octopart, a free CAD model marketplace for electronic components, that looks at simplifying PCB design and part selection workflows.

The CAD models database, part of the Nexar ecosystem, is an electronic component search engine powered by part data and intelligence from the Nexar API.

The San Diego-based global software company said Octopart’s new CAD Model Marketplace simplifies PCB design and part selection workflows to create a single unified user experience that aggregates CAD models.

Through the electronic parts search engine, users should be able to access 10 million components CAD models.

“As the industry’s leading search engine for electronic parts, Octopart continues to simplify the part search and discovery journey by introducing our CAD Model Marketplace feature,” said Nexar and Octopart head of sales Daniel Schoenfelder.

“Octopart users can eliminate the drudgery of locating and accessing CAD models. By using Octopart’s powerful search capabilities, users can access 10 million electronic component CAD models that are compatible with all major PCB design tools,” he went on.

Nexas said Octopart was developed to simplify and streamline workflows by providing users with a central hub to search for parts and their available data and models.


With Octopart, users should now be able to preview symbols, footprints, and schematics from Nexas’ partners like Ultra Librarian and SnapEDA on a single platform, without the need to search in various locations for CAD models.

In the future, Nexas said, Octopart users will also have access to 3D models from its newest partner TraceParts.

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