Manish Kumar named new Solidworks CEO

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As part of its 3DExperience World event, Dassault Systèmes led with the news of the promotion of Manish Kumar to CEO and VP of R&D of Solidworks.

Dassault says that Kumar will ‘spearhead’ the R&D and user community relationship, and accelerate Solidworks adoption, while signalling its “commitment to and investment in Solidworks R&D that has been a hallmark of the brand”.

Manish Kumar has previously played a key role in the development of Solidworks product and technology strategies.

Kumar joined the Solidworks R&D team in 1998 as a software developer. Dassualt say that he was a key contributor to the CAD system’s early development in various areas such as translators, surfacing, modelling, sketcher, assembly, weldments, sheet metal and drawings.

He also led 3DExperience development within Solidworks R&D, and has been a key factor in the transformation that Solidworks says has put it on a “solid path of innovation toward the ‘future of design'” through collaboration with the greater Dassault Systèmes R&D team.

Gian Paolo Bassi, the 7-year CEO of Solidworks, will lead Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience Works organisation as executive vice president.

The appointment of Bassi follows Dassault Systèmes’ creation of 3DExperience Works in 2019 as a portfolio of cloud solutions on the 3DExperience platform tailored for Solidworks users and mid-market companies and their ecosystem.


Bassi will lead an extensive organisation dedicated to the continued growth of 3DExperience Works and to “maximising the value delivered to the mainstream innovation space”.

Since joining the company in 2011, as CEO Bassi led the development of the brand’s future product and technology strategies designed for the desktop and the cloud.

“The growth of Solidworks, fuelled by its continuous leading innovation technology, will continue and accelerate under Manish,” said Philippe Laufer, executive VP, global brands, Dassault Systèmes.

“It is due to the talented work of Gian Paolo and Manish that 3DExperience Works has grown so large that it now requires a dedicated executive leading it into 2022 and beyond.”

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