LAG Guitars, VISI Series and Motorhead

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LAG Guitars are ecognised for using the highest quality woods and their famous playability.

Just had a case study come in to the office from Vero Software about how it’s VISI Series CADCAM system is being used by french luthiers, LAG Guitars. What’s interesting is that LAG are using VISI Series for both CAM and design and with all manner of users, ranging from Jean Michel Jarre to Phil Campbell from Motorhead. To give you the basics of the story, the company was founded in 1978 by Michel Lag Chavarria in Toulouse, LAG started to make a name for itself after setting up its workshop in Bedarieux, a small town in the hills of Roussillon in the south of France. Things have expanded greatly and as with many organisations, manufacturing has moved out East to China and South Korea, but the prototyping and design is still conducted in their french headquarters.

LAG Imperator guitar designed and manufactured using VISI

In the eighteen months since the company adopted VISI, the company LAG has produced over 500 NC program files and the software has had a major impact on the company’s working methods. The guitars are designed in an extraordinary “matter of hours” and the musician or sales department can get an immediate, detailed idea of what the instrument looks like. This provides a solid basis for either approving or requesting modifications to the design. Since the company invested in a rapid prototyping machine, it is even possible to watch the guitar being made. As soon as the prototype has been approved, the drawings or models are sent to the Chinese plant for production.

For those that don’t know Vero or its products, it was the first modelling tools to be developed on the Windows platform using the Parasolid kernel, but more importantly, its amongst that rare breed of system that is ultra powerful, whether using the modelling tools for creation or more importantly, editing of geometry from any source and taking that through every step into production. By providing you with all manner of tools for mould, progressive die and electrode design, a huge range of NC programming tools, it’s a one stop shop. If you missed it, we looked at VISI Series in a two parter in DEVELOP3D – check the downloads for the content in the October and November issue. We’ll have more details in the next issue.

Oh and before I’m finished, couldn’t pass this chance up (CAUTION: Naughty Words):


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