Beta CAE v23.0.3

Beta CAE launches v23.0.3 with improvements to Ansa, Epilysis and Meta

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Beta CAE has announced the launch of v23.0.3, which should feature improvements to Ansa, Epilysis and Meta integrated tools, and aims to improve user experience in daily tasks.

In the Ansa integrated tool, Beta CAE has worked to resolve some known issues in the Meta viewer and in the CAD to Ansa translators, which might in the past have featured erroneous indications regarding the currently active runs which might have led to incomplete translations.

Beta CAE said enhancements to the Ansa tools affect the modular run management which should now be three times faster, connections and assembly, where the issue with adhesive faces imported through .xml files that would generate redundant property items, have been resolved.

Other new features include improvements to FE Representations, Shell Mesh, Volume Mesh, Decks, LS-DYNA and Task Manager tools.

The new update should also feature improvements to Epilysis integrated tool, which include solutions to issues related to performance, Beta CAE said a speed-up has been achieved in cases where multiple Resvecs were requested, and Sol200, as users had pointed out an unexpected error would occur in the sensitivities calculation of a Mfreq sub-case with zero load and solution types.

Regarding the Meta integrated tool, Beta CAE said the improvements included in this new release will affect how users handle entities, the NVH calculators, Nastran, Abaqus and LS-DYNA tools, the identification of entities and data, data management, the Meta viewers and the user toolbars.

Beta CAE v23.0.3 should also include some updates to compatibility and supported platforms. Ansa files saved by all the first and second point releases of a major version should now be compatible with each other, and new major versions should now read files saved by previous ones, but not vice versa.


Meta project files saved from version 23.0.3 are compatible and can be opened by Meta version 16.0.0 or later. Finally, Beta CAE said support for Mac OS and 32-bit platforms has been discontinued for all operating platforms.

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