2022 artec 3d LEO 3D Scanner

Artec 3D rolls out optimised Leo 3D Scanner

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Artec 3D has announced the launch of 2022 Artec Leo, a completely wireless 3D handheld scanner with an inbuilt touchscreen, optimised accuracy and multilingual interface.

2022 artec 3d LEO 3D Scanner touchscreen
A new Nvidia processor means the onboard processing now has twice the power

The key upgrades for this model include enhanced processing, AI capabilities ‘twice smarter’ than the previous model, advanced accuracy, a new calibration kit, auto temperature control and advanced colour-capture capabilities.

The Luxemburg-based 3D scanners company has also claimed that the new algorithms will adjust brightness levels automatically when scanning and reduce the size of texture by 2x, making it faster to process and load data to create true-to-life colour 3D models.

The Nvidia Jetson Tx2 processor in the 2022 Artec Leo scanner is meant to run at twice the power of its predecessor while using less than 7.5 watts of power.

“The TX2 allows us to implement more AI-powered algorithms and processes directly on board the scanner,” saidArtec 3D CTO Gleb Gusev.

“With this technology, users will experience even faster and more accurate results, and an even more intuitive automated workflow.”

The new auto temperature control feature should ensure that the metrological device is not affected by internal or external temperature changes, that could cause subtle effects on readings.


Artec 3D has stated that, with the new calibration kit, users will be able to independently check the scanner’s accuracy and adjust its parameters.

The 2022 Artec Leo will offer a multi-language interface, with the possibility to use the 3D scanner in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

The vendor says that all ‘crucial metrics’ across the AI pipeline have been upgraded, including GPU performance, energy efficiency, deep learning libraries, and memory bandwidth.

“The Artec Leo was the industry’s first AI-powered wireless 3D scanner, making it truly revolutionary,” said Artec 3D CEO Artyom Yukhin.

“We’ve taken that a step further to ensure anyone using the 2022 Artec Leo feels confident that they’re getting top-tier, professional results with guaranteed accuracy and sharper data. We’ve enhanced the scanner so that every user has a seamless experience to get the results they want quickly and easily and all in their local language.”

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