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Xaar printhead readies photopolymers for mass manufacturing

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Xaar has spoken, albeit briefly, about the progress of its Xaar 1003 printhead for industrial scale additive manufacturing with photopolymers.

It’s the Xaar 1003 printhead technology that has been fitted into DP Polar’s latest 3D printer, the AMpolar i2, allowing it to build parts at speed, and be able to jet a variety of fluids over an increased viscosity range.

Based in Germany, DP Polar has equipped the AMpolar i2 with an array of Xaar 1003 printheads to service its build continuously rotating print platform, which allows for build volumes of up to 700 litres.

Being able to print at such scale and speed helps the end user reduce overheads considerably over the running and upkeep of multiple machines.

Mike Seal, Xaar business development manager for Advanced Manufacturing and 3D Printheads, said: “DP Polar’s use of the Xaar 1003 printhead and the innovative design of the AMpolar i2, shows the natural progression of photopolymer jetting from a prototyping technology to a true manufacturing process; a transition we are seeing more and more within functional inkjet applications.”

The AMpolar i2 features a highly productive single-pass, multi material printing process over the continuously rotating build tray, covering an area of 2m2.

DP Polar AMpolar i2
The rotating build platform of the DP Polar AM i2 3D printer, which utilises Xaar’s latest printhead technology

DP Polar MD Hans Mathea, said, “The AMpolar i2 delivers unparalleled output of printed parts per hour, resulting in a significant reduction in cost per part.


“The Xaar 1003 is integral to the machine’s design and performance and the ability to handle multiple fluids means that 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing are now a reality for the volume production of parts for many industries.”

Xaar has previously partnered with Stratasys to develop high speed sintering technology.

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