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SL1S Speed updates Prusa SLA offering

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The Prusa SL1S Speed has been announced by the brand, with a brand new high-resolution monochrome LCD and larger print platform over its incumbent.

Prusa list the new print platform as being 25 per cent larger than the previous model to match a new 5.96’’ LCD screen, giving a new print volume of 127×80×150mm.

Reportedly capable of curing a single layer in 1.4 seconds using low layer height settings and transparent resin, the SL1S Speed can reach up to 80 mm/hr using 0.1mm layer height and transparent resin, ideal for quick prototypes.

Key to the improved build speeds is the decision to use a monochrome LCD screen instead of an RGB variant, giving improved UV light transmission, shorter exposure times, and faster printing.

Prusa also state that the monochrome LCD offers four times the lifespan of a regular RGB display, at more than 2000 hours.

Standard tough 405nm resins can be cured in 1.6-2.5 seconds,depending on the object size, resin manufacturer and layer height, while more advanced materials that would typically require over 20 seconds per layer are claimed to be cured in only 3-4 seconds.

In addition, the platform movement and tilt (to ease peeling forces) is nearly three times as fast as the previous model.


A new resin tank design uses graphite-reinforced PA6 composite and comes with an opaque lid, so the tanks are now stackable, and reduce the need to pour resins back into the bottle every time materials are switched.

Prusa has also updated its Curing and Washing Machine – the an all-in-one device features a reworked heating system, while the removable rotating platform is now protected by a replaceable FEP film – which also serves nicely to preheat resins.

Another interesting aspect it that the SL1S Speed jettisons its predecessors low cost self assembly option, which itself is an indicator of the direction Prusa might be further heading.

The Prusa SL1S Speed costs $1,999 USD/€1,979, with the curing and wash station an extra $749/€749, or as a bundle of $2,599/€2,549 (all prices include VAT).

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