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Formlabs ‘Large Format’ kit grows with wash and cure units

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Formlabs has announced the launch of the Form Wash L and Form Cure L, its fully automated post-processing system for the Form 3L and Form 3BL 3D printers.

The Formlabs Form Wash L cleans SLA 3D printed parts after printing while Form Cure L completes the curing process to help parts achieve peak mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy.

The two machines are compatible with Formlabs’ entire line of SLA printers and can be used for both large parts or high throughput of smaller parts.

Formlabs wash and cure 2021 MAIN
The new wash and cure stations are compatible with large builds, or high throughput from Formlabs’ smaller desktop SLA 3D printers

Designed with users in mind, Formlabs says its entire ecosystem – from printer to material to post-processing – offers users a hassle-free, intuitive experience.

Large-format prints are often outsourced leading to costly prototypes and long lead times, which Formlabs says that by completing Formlabs’ Large-Format SLA ecosystem provides an alternative of cost-effective, in-house 3D printing.

“The introduction of our large format printers, Form 3L and Form 3BL, enabled Formlabs to open up our industry-leading SLA 3D printing technology to a whole new group of users at an accessible price while maintaining the professional quality Formlabs is known for,” said Formlabs CPO Dávid Lakatos.

“With the addition of the Form Wash L and Form Cure L to our SLA ecosystem, we are providing even greater ease-of-use and automation to our customers.”


The post processing units have been validated and are compatible with the majority of our SLA materials, including biocompatible, sterilisable materials.

The Form Wash L and Form Cure L are available for pre-order now, with most units expected to ship in Q1 2022.

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