Carbon drops 3D Printing materials prices to $50 per litre

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Carbon’s RPU (rigid polyurethane) 70 material as used by Wilson Tool International

Carbon has continued to lower the prices of its most widely used resins by expanding its bulk discount program introduced last year, in what Carbon calls ‘a game changer’ for high volume production.

EPX 82 (epoxy), EPU 41 (elastomeric polyurethane), and RPU 70 (rigid polyurethane) will be offered in bulk volumes at $50 per liter as the company looks to spur growth for the implementation of its digital manufacturing solution globally.

“The global appetite for using digital manufacturing for high-volume production is rapidly growing, as more and more manufacturers are implementing these next-gen technologies into their processes and supply chains,” said Carbon CEO and co-founder Dr. Joseph DeSimone.
“Carbon has made digital manufacturing a reality, and the skyrocketing need for large volume production enables us to introduce the most radical reduction of resin pricing ever.

“This move will also create new high-value applications and opportunities that were previously impossible, helping to transform the modest, estimated $10B 3D printing world into a multi- hundred-billion-dollar industry.”

Carbon has also announced the expansion of its network of production partners, adding four new European service bureaux, including UK-based Complete Fabrications.


Erpro Group, Kurz, and Rapid Product Manufacturing (RPM) make up the European quartet that takes Carbon up to 35 global production partners.

“An important part of Carbon’s strategy is to empower manufacturers around the world with the many benefits of digital fabrication,” said Dana McCallum, head of production partnerships at Carbon.

“By being part of the Carbon Production Network, our partners have a truly scalable, complete digital manufacturing platform.”

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