Altra 280

BigRep expands with Altra 280 3D printer

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BigRep has launched the Altra 280, a high-temperature, large-format 3D printer with an open material system that’s compatible with both BigRep and third-party filaments, with technologies garnered from its acquisition of Hage3D.

The Altra 280 features an enclosed high-temperature printing environment and a large build volume, intended to be used in industries requiring high-performance materials and demanding applications, including aerospace, automotive, and military.

It can print the full range of standard to high-performance polymers. The heated build chamber measures 500 x 700 x 800mm and can reach temperatures up to 180°C, making printing with materials including ULTEM 9085 and PEEK ideal for lightweight prototypes as well as end-use parts.

Up to four DSX extruders (Direct Synchronised Extruders) are capable of printing at 450°C up to 20kg in one cycle, allowing uninterrupted production and an automated quick start feature with pre-heating means the process can be started by pressing one button.

A heated vacuum print bed, with material-specific print bed surfaces, is designed for secure part adhesion and layer adhesion, even for large or intricate parts.

“For our customers, the Altra 280 is considered a game-changing industrial AM solution across all temperature levels,” said managing director Sven Thate. “We have customer success in focus as we expand our offering to high-performance applications.”

The release of the Altra 280 marks BigRep’s first expansion into high-temperature additive manufacturing since its founding in 2014 in Berlin. It now has offices in Singapore and Boston.


“We are proud to extend our portfolio towards high-performance filament extrusion with our open system approach, thereby aiming to double to addressable market of our solutions with the technology from Hage3D, our recently announced planning acquisition,” said Thate.