Lenovo ThinkStation P620

Lenovo updates ThinkStation P620 with new Threadripper Pro

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ThinkStation P620 continues to be the only workstation from a tier one manufacturer to feature AMD’s powerful multi-core processor

Lenovo has refreshed its single socket ThinkStation P620 workstation with the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 WX-Series of processors.

The Threadripper Pro 5000 WX-Series offers up to 64 cores, the same number as its predecessor, but takes advantage of the higher Instructions Per Clock (IPC) and higher frequencies of AMD’s ‘Zen 3’ architecture.

This should give the ThinkStation P620 a performance uplift in both single threaded workflows, such as CAD, and multi-threaded workflows, such as rendering, simulation and reality modelling.

According to Lenovo, the updated workstation offers up to a 25% performance improvement over the previous generation, based on the Chaos V-Ray rendering benchmark. Additionally, the tower workstation is also available with a new 24 core CPU option.

Other features include support for up to two Nvidia RTX A6000 GPUs, up to 1 TB of 8-channel DDR4, 3200MHz memory, up to 20 TB of storage and 10 Gibabit ethernet.

The ThinkStation P620 continues to be the only professional workstation from a major manufacturer to be powered by the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro processor. In fact, some of the equivalent workstations currently on sale, such as the Dell Precision 5820 and HP Z4 G4, feature ‘Cascade Lake’ Intel processors which date back to 2019. It is only entry-level workstations, such as the Dell Precision 3660 Tower and HP Z2 Tower G9 that feature modern Intel CPUs, but these are ‘Alder Lake’ Intel Core and are limited to 8 cores.


This currently puts Lenovo at a huge advantage when coveting customers whose workflows will benefit from a significant number of cores.

However, with the possibility of Dell or HP introducing AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 workstations later this year, and with the expected launch of Intel’s new “Sapphire Rapid” CPU, it remains to be seen how long this lasts.

Lenovo also recently celebrated a big customer win with DreamWorks Animation, known for its award-winning CG animated feature films. According to Lenovo, with each film requiring millions of compute hours and resources, artists can more quickly bring their creative ideas to life with the ThinkStation P620.

Lenovo ThinkStation P620 / AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro Review

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