Luxion releases new Content Pack for KeyShot 7 

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Hot on the heels of the KeyShot 7.0 release (see our review here), Luxion is bringing together a set of additional content to help you nail those render projects. Luxion has teamed up with Aversis (a 3D visualisation service) and photorealistic texture developer, Poliigon to bring you some goodies.

Part of the KeyShot 7 release saw the development team rework the resource library in the system to take advantage of KeyShot material, texture, and environment capabilities. This new pack of content brings you 10 new 3K HDRI environments from Aversis and 150 new high-resolution photorealistic textures from Poliigon, covering bricks, concrete, fabric, wood flooring and more. 


Once you’ve updated KeyShot, you’ll find the new HDRI environments installed alongside the existing resources in the environment tab while the textures will be found in the KeyShot Library window.

Poliigon’s resources are particularly interesting, particular as they provide everything you need to build proper texture materials – not just a texture image, but normal, displacement, reflection and gloss maps. There’s a subscription model available which gives you a certain amount of credits, starting at $13 a month. And there’s a bunch of free ones if you want to give them a whirl.