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Altair One aims to unify development with HPC and Cloud

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Altair has announced Altair One, its integrated platform to bring together the company’s entire product suite and leverage HPC and cloud resources for running computational simulation applications.

By eliminating the boundaries between CAE and data analytics, Altair One looks to deliver access to a unified development environment and offers multi-disciplinary teams the on-demand HPC needed to complete complex projects quickly and efficiently.

Teams are able to work on the same models, with ubiquitous access ensuring knowledge sharing and data transfer, with the full value of both current and historic simulation and analysis made prominent to all that need to see it.

A key factor in this is the ablility to instantly access Altair’s HPC resources for complex projects without any need for the support of in-house HPC infrastructures.

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The Cloud software setup offers the ability to provide turnkey, scalable appliance clusters across all major cloud providers including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Google Cloud Platform in just a few mouse clicks.

“Altair One provides a modern, single pane of glass approach to leverage HPC and cloud resources for running computational science applications anywhere and everywhere at scale, which is key to optimising outcomes and achieving faster time-to-value,” said Altair CEO James R. Scapa.


“With the launch of Altair One, we are empowering our customers with all the software and tools to seamlessly manage hybrid on-premises and cloud HPC resources to process workloads in the most cost-efficient and fastest way possible.”

By providing organizations the flexibility to seamlessly migrate workloads between cloud providers and on-premises environments, Altair One is looking to help teams pivot quickly and embrace new technology while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Users will also have access to exclusive tools including Altair DesignAI, which combines physics-based simulation-driven design and machine learning-based AI-driven design for high-potential concept designs early in development cycles.

Additionally, Altair Material Data Center, a multi-domain material properties repository is available to users for creating sustainable, efficient, minimum-weight designs.

Additional notable features in Altair One include the ability to:
●       Launch applications in the cloud instantly with zero download
●       Run complex HPC solver jobs in the cloud within a simple, intuitive user experience
●       Provision turnkey, scalable appliance clusters in just a few mouse clicks
●       Securely upload, access, store, and manage data using the Altair One drive

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