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RAPID Challenge 2020 Announces 3 Finalists

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RAPID Challenge 2020 has announced its three finalists chasing a share of the £50k prize, as the hardware start-up competition nears its conclusion – being held live online on 12 November.

DEVELOP3D Readers can watch all three teams give their final presentations and the awards ceremony take place virtually by registering here.

Sponsors for the event include Prodrive Ventures, TBAT Innovation, Crowdcube, Clayden Law, IP Asset Partnership and DEVELOP3D.

Narrowed down from the hundreds of entries, the RAPID Challenge 2020 field will announce its winner from one of the following three product development start-ups.

The RAPID Challenge 2020 Finalists

RAPID Challenge 2020 Finalists Cosi Care HeroCosi Care

With 1-in-5 children are currently suffering with eczema in the UK, Cosi Care aims to create products that help reduce scratching capable of causing permanent scarring and repeat infections.
Its patented technology mimics scratching and helps soothe itching with a unique combination of cold and texture to soothe the skin safely and effectively.

The creation of former Brunel University graduate Lauren Bell, and based on her own family’s struggles with eczema, the two current products feature a rechargeable digital cooling device shaped like a colourful starfish that can provide cooling at the touch of a button, and a version that can hold a freezable pack.

RAPID Challenge 2020 Finalists BeneTalk Hero


With the goal of helping people with speech impediments and stutters, BeneTalk is a biofeedback device and mobile app that monitors breathing, speech patterns, and provides real-time feedback and performance history tracking.


Worn across the diaphragm, under the users clothes, the device is designed to be discreet.

Able to track speech patterns throughout the day, combined with a speech therapy app it can help the user master new speaking habits.

Nearly 3% of the UK population stutters, and BeneTalk aims to help them through a product, app and speech therapist network.

RAPID Challenge 2020 Finalists Airhead Mask Hero


Airhead has created a facemask, which includes filters that exceed FFP3 standards – capable of blocking particles down to PM0.3., aided by an airtight silicon seal – whatever activity the wearer is undertaking.

The Airhead design looks to solve issues that most of the world is now aware of with facemarks – the fit and the ability to clean and reuse it safely.

A modular design allows all components to be washed or replaced; a silicon layer means a high performance seal and adds comfort, while a magnetic lock makes putting it on a snap rather than a struggle.

The core team met while studying at the University of Bath, later quitting their jobs to found Airhead.

Led by Prodrive Ventures, the hardware investment arm of advanced engineering experts Prodrive, as well as receiving the workshop content all finalists receive, the best projects will share the £50,000 prize package made up of:

  • £5K cash prize
  • An engineering service package from Prodrive
  • An R&D and grant application service package from TBAT Innovation
  • Discounted listing fees on Crowdcube
  • Patent advice services from The IP Asset Partnership
  • An early business legal advice package from Clayden Law
  • Editorial coverage provided by Media Partner DEVELOP3D Magazine


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