Hexagon steps up its laser scan offering with CMS 108

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A powerful scanner allowing tailored data acuisition from small or large parts

Hexagon’s latest product to the market looks to solve some of the age old issues of laser scanning in an industrial context. The key benefits of it are ease-of-use combined with high performance.

The CMS 108, combined with the Absolute Arm, is ideal for inspection of large components

The scanner adapts the intensity of the laser beam to the work piece, which enables users to scan both reflective or dark surfaces without the hassle traditionally associated with the process. This means users will be able to dive in and work with surface treatments such as coating or spraying.

Hidden areas on the measurement object are easily accessible thanks to the large stand off distance of maximum 200 mm.

The CMS 108 also has a zoom function. This will give three different selectable laser line widths of between 25 and 120 mm. This allows a tailored data acquisition from very smaller complex to very large parts helping to speed up the data collection process as well as the post processing significantly.

CMS 108 Laser Scanner
Hexagon Metrology
Designed for the Romer Absolute Arm, Hexagon’s CMS 108 is the company’s high-performance laser scanner


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