Essentials for the mobile generation

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As more and more of us work from home, from Starbucks, the greasy spoon around the corner from the office (to get some peace) or from economy class lounge (biz class is for the over paid, under worked), then we all will resonate with the simple fact that squeezing your laptop into the present space is a royalpaininthearse. I doubt we’ll see them at D3D’s service stations* of choice soon, but its clever thinking (note, I’m not using the I word).

According to designer Robin Carpenter JUST is made of an inner metal frame construction defining the form which is upholstered for comfort. The chair is covered with a washable textile and the stand allows 360 horizontal rotation. His IRO lamp is pretty slick too.

*Oxford M40 and M6 Toll – covered outdoors areas, good coffee and a 3G signal

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