Camouflage pattern design

Camouflage pattern design with Heimplanet

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Heimplanet has detailed how it approaches camouflage pattern design as it launches a new Cairo Camo variant of its inflatable adventure tent, The Cave – something we feature in the next edition of DEVELOP3D.

What was most interesting was the design process for the camouflage pattern, something that we’re all familiar with, but rarely get involved in investigating the design of those ubiquitous patterns (unless you’re in William Gibson’s Zero History).

Heimplanet says that the development of the Cairo Camo camouflage pattern design started simply as a colour variation for the Heimplanet tents.

“By now this pattern has developed into much more. Today you can find this pattern in pretty much all products of modern outdoor brand in one form or another.”

The origins of the camoflage pattern design

camouflage pattern design
Extrapolation of Cairo’s street tiles

The development of this pattern was influenced by street tiles using to pave the street of Cairo in the mid 20th century, many of which are still paved like this today. It is known as a ‘dual semi-regular’ pattern and features a single pentagon shape, repeated four times to create its simplest 6-sides tile form.

This would serve as the perfect starting point for Heimplanet’s new signature pattern.

Camouflage pattern design
The extracted and processed elements

The end result

Heimplanet wanted to create a pattern which blended into its environment without the military association, while retaining reference to their geometric design principles.

Extrapolation of Cairo's street tiles
The final Cairo Camo design

Each pentagon is divided into five triangles, which all meet in its centre. A series of differently shaded areas with natural contrast finally gives the pattern a 3D look. How does it look on the end product? Pretty slick.

Camouflage pattern design
The final result on the new all black variant of The Cave tent

While the Cairo Camo camouflage pattern design has been part of Heimplanet’s range since its original launch in 2015, the new limited edition variant of The Cave tent represents the first time it has been presented in an all over shades of black variant.

It’s available now for €749 in the Heimplanet online shop and from selected dealers.

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