Aras Dynamic Product Navigation

Aras DPN allows 3D interaction with the Digital Thread

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Aras has announced the availability of Dynamic Product Navigation (DPN) to enable users to browse, search, and drill down on 3D assembly data within the context of the overall product structure.

Aras Dynamic Product Navigation is billed as a shift from static representations of CAD geometry, to an environment where users can tailor their 3D view, creating queries to reflect graphic representations based on the specific business needs of a given criteria.

This interactive 3D view includes rich visualisation services to support the entire enterprise.

Aras Dynamic Product Navigation is set to be a platform service across the Aras Innovator application suite as well as custom application – extending the capability to query, identify, and interact with related PLM business items from product development to the broader enterprise for Digital Thread interaction.

“Selectively viewing 3D data based on PLM attributes – rather than strictly CAD attributes – is a powerful capability for all types of users enabling the ability to interact with 3D data early and in context,” said an Aras spokesperson.

“For example, Manufacturing personnel can assign production routing steps based on manufacturing sequence, Quality can visualise items that have identified defects or corrective & preventative action reports (CAPA), and Maintenance can easily isolate and view parts with service bulletins.”

With this new capability, users across an organisation should be able to create queries on 3D data to reflect interactive structure representations based on ad-hoc criteria.


An individual can view the product in the right context to answer a specific question quickly. Dynamic interrogation enables people to visually see complex combinations of data such as highlighting parts with change orders pending, visually identifying items that have failed simulation criteria, or showing components from a specific vendor or country of origin.

Additionally, Aras says that DPN eliminates the need for specialised CAD knowledge, CAD licenses and manual conversion activities.

Aras subscribers get Dynamic Product Navigation for no additional cost and the capability is available immediately.

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