Advertising Promotion: AMD FirePro for SolidWorks 2012

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AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards have been specifically engineered to support demanding SolidWorks® users. The AMD FirePro™ V4900, AMD FirePro™ V5900 and AMD FirePro™ V7900 have all undergone an extensive optimisation and certification process.

This means designers and engineers can rest assured that they will be able to make the most of the advanced visualisation features inside SolidWorks® 2012.

AMD FirePro supports RealView® for advanced real time shading directly inside SolidWorks

Powerful real-time previews with RealView®

RealView® delivers advanced real time shading directly inside the SolidWorks® modelling environment, including shadows and scene reflections. It helps streamline workflows by reducing the need for time consuming ray-traced renders.

The technology is continually advancing and SolidWorks® 2012 now features ambient occlusion, a global lighting method that adds even more depth and realism to 3D models.

Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing


Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing delivers crisp high-quality visuals and with AMD FirePro can be turned on permanently

When RealView® is switched on it puts an additional load on the graphics card. However, with the optimised drivers, powerful GPUs and high-performance memory of AMD FirePro™, realistic shaded models can still be navigated smoothly on screen.
RealView® is a professional-level feature of SolidWorks® and is not supported by consumer graphics cards, such as AMD Radeon™.

Accurate designs with Anti Aliasing

Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) is a real-time graphics technology that removes the jagged lines from the edges of models. This results in high-quality visuals and amazingly accurate representation of designs.

FSAA requires a significant amount of processing power and can put big demands on the graphics card. The good news is select AMD FirePro™ graphics cards feature GeometryBoost which provides new levels of performance and allows FSAA to be turned on in SolidWorks® permanently.

This helps designs to be visualised at the highest quality throughout the entire product development process. When combined with RealView® the results are outstanding.

Productivity with multiple displays

While most professional graphics cards only support two displays, a single AMD FirePro™ graphics card with AMD Eyefinity technology can support three and four displays and even six on some select high-end models.

Three displays are a good configuration for most SolidWorks® users. Individual displays can be reserved for specific tasks, such as part and assembly modelling, drawing preparation or product data management.

Creating an extended desktop also enables users to easily switch between various applications including SolidWorks® Simulation, PhotoView 360, SolidWorks® PDM and SolidWorks® Sustainability.

In addition, email, spreadsheets and web browsers can be given their own dedicated space in the multi display environment. This means all information can be easily referenced and accessed at the click of a button, rather than having to search through multiple stacked windows.

Advanced workflow performance for CAE

There is more to AMD FirePro™ than delivering advanced 3D graphics. AMD’s range of professional graphics cards can also be used to streamline simulation workflows.

Simulation is becoming increasingly important in design and engineering, enabling products to be optimised before they are built for strength, weight and performance.

The advanced solvers used in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) typically run on Central Processing Units (CPUs). However, enabled by advanced OpenCL technology, AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards can also be used to cut simulation times.

One of the most sophisticated simulation applications is Abaqus from DS Simulia®. AMD FirePro™ graphics cards have been specifically optimised to work with the OpenCL compliant version of this software bringing performance benefits of up to 230%.

More information about the new AMD FirePro™ graphics cards can be found at

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AMD FirePro enables SolidWorks® users to design and simulate without compromise

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