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DEVELOP3D LIVE 2023 preview

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As we gear up for DEVELOP3D LIVE at Warwick Arts Centre on 20 September, Stephen Holmes takes a look at some of the highlights planned for the bumper one-day event, packed with design and engineering technology and know-how

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Work smarter, not harder. It may be a wellworn phrase, but it’s at the heart of good product development. Uncovering new technologies or processes can shave time or cost off a project, or multiply the effectiveness of your team. These are necessities for any organisation aiming to stay ahead of the competition.

develop3d live
The main stage auditorium at Warwick Arts Centre for DEVELOP3D LIVE

Thankfully, DEVELOP3D LIVE is here to make finding and exploring these gems as painless and as enjoyable as possible. Each year, we strive to bring you stories on stage that will inspire new outlooks on what you do, what you use, and the next place to look for innovations that will transform your workflow.

We spend months looking for the right presenters to captivate our audience, from companies not just creating new products, but also pushing back the boundaries of what’s possible. And we love the fact that, over the years, thousands of attendees have taken some of these new products and technologies back to their own studios and workshops, in order to develop their own ideas.

We’re lucky to have some of the biggest software and hardware companies on stage, too, giving you insight into their releases and roadmaps. At DEVELOP3D LIVE, you’ll find multiple industry giants all under the same roof. It’s like no other event. It’s a place where attendees can begin to connect products and processes to fit their workflows – not just hear about what products a single brand would like to push at them.

The new venue at Warwick Arts Centre has had a £25 million glow-up since we last held an event there, promising to make it easier to see even more during our single-day format. This comprises three conference streams and two exhibition zones, as well as workshops.

Most of all, we’re looking forward to welcoming you. It’s always a pleasure to meet readers in person, especially when everyone is rushing around trying to fit as much into their schedules as possible. So be sure to say hi and ask for introductions or recommendations – it’ll be great to play our part in getting you all working smarter, not harder.


Stephen Holmes, Editor, DEVELOP3D

We hope to see you on 20 September at Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry. To register FREE now, click here.

Full metal jacket // Jonas Nyvang – Stilride

The multi-award winning Stilride 1 is an electric-powered scooter, formed from recycled Swedish steel and formed using Stilride’s own ‘robotic origami’ technology.

When it rolls off the production line, the Stilride 1 has a carbon footprint around three times smaller than competing products, according to the company. Jonas Nyvang travels to DEVELOP3D LIVE to tell us about this design came to unfold, and what it has in store for applying Stilride’s technology capability to other industries.

develop3d live
The recycled steel monocoque chassis of the Stilride 1 is produced using ‘robotic metal origami’

New tech showcase // Mayku + LatticeRobot

This year, we bring to the main stage snapshots of exciting new tech that could impact your workflow.

Mayku’s Benjamin Redford will unveil the company’s latest materials for its desktop pressure former, as it brings its high-detail reproductive abilities to some exciting new engineering-grade materials that might change how you prototype or even batch produce parts.

LatticeRobot will launch its new software to enhance the world’s knowledge of lattices, textures and related mesoscale geometry, bundling decades of hard-to-obtain knowledge into an easy-to-use product that finds the right form for the job at hand.

develop3d live
Image courtesy of Mayku

Best foot forward // Sophia Lindner – Act’ble

Ballet is both a sport and an art form, requiring punishing training schedules, endurance and strength. Having the right footwear makes a big difference to dancers and Act’ble intends to play a starring role in making that happen, as it blends a mix of new technologies, footwear design and ballet experience to shine a spotlight on its new products.

What’s next for design software?

The software packages that we use each day are critical to our workflows, so keeping a deep-dive into what the latest developments are – and where the technologies are looking to improve and evolve next – is a firsthand experience not to be missed. Following his first visit to DEVELOP3D LIVE last year, Solidworks CEO Manish Kumar (pictured left) returns to the stage, alongside other leading names from the biggest industry brands.

develop3d live

Speed of lightning // Aleck Jones – Callum X Nyobolt

The Nyobolt concept has been designed to unlock the challenges faced by electric vehicle designers, partnering lightweight, fast-charge battery technology with sportscar speed and handling, all done without compromise. Billed as a benchmark for EV technology, the car is a collaboration between the Callum team and Julian Thomson, designer of the Lotus Elise, with greater presence and exaggerated proportions to suit the tastes of today’s market audiences.

develop3d live
The electric concept car from Nyobolt, a modern interpretation of the Lotus Elise

Why computational design is generating more than just interest? Panel discussion

Love lattices? You should! The evolution of generative design software and maturing additive manufacturing technology means that products can be lighter, stronger and less wasteful with gyroid infills and lattices. We’ve assembled a panel of experts to get their views on computational design, how it will infiltrate our workflows and what they see in the future for design’s relationship with automation.

develop3d live
Image courtsey of nTop

AM enabling revolutionary new products // Marcus Pont – Domin

Domin’s electro-hydraulic valves are the product of years of R&D into 3D printing, and are designed for the most demanding servo applications. Marcus Pont will discuss how Domin’s clean-sheet design took shape, using advanced additive manufacturing to create a product that’s smaller, lighter, more sustainable and which is changing the face of industries from automotive to aerospace.

develop3d live

Do more with data // Pat Parker – Numatic

Learn why Numatic International decided to focus on reusing its CAD data in order to become more efficient in the creation of the user manuals and support documentation that its customers need. Using the latest 3D technology, Numatic, the maker of the iconic Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner among hundreds of other professional cleaning solutions, is now on a journey to modernise its entire offering, becoming greener and reducing costs along the way.

Henry, 10 Million made right here in the U.K (PRNewsfoto/Numatic International)

Visualising the digital faster than ever

Getting products to market faster is easier with convincing visuals, and at this year’s event, we have a whole range of software and hardware for bringing realism to screens. From the latest AI-enabled rendering software to the GPUs necessary to accelerate the process, we’ve also got amazing data capture technology like Vizoo that takes real-life materials and textures, and puts them into your material library.

Keyshot image courtesy of Vizoo

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