Weekend project: 3D print our free model from Hollywood design favourite Inner Freak

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It’s looking like a wet weekend in the UK, so if you’re unable to get North to Newcastle’s UK Maker Faire we have just the thing for you – 3D print your own action figure from Inner Freak studio.

If you attended DEVELOP3D LIVE you might have spotted Inner Freak’s Jon Reilly’s talk about sculpting characters and assets for some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters (Thor!), and he even sat down for a sculpt session on the day, creating ‘Zeus Killer’ – giving you the option to download the .STL file for free!

A devilish character study formed using ZBrush, the model should give you something to print, assemble and finish to a level of your choosing over the weekend – making an interesting build for pro and domestic machines alike.


Zeus Killer from Inner-Freak on Vimeo.

Look out for Jon, and all the other speaker talks from DEVELOP3D LIVE appearing on our event site soon.


Have a go and send us the results – it’s a better way to test your 3D printing skills than Yoda heads and chess pieces…!


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